The April 2003

Conference, University of California Berkeley - International House

Frontiers where Chaos & Order meet

Trees, spirals (logarithmic spirals, coastlines, mountains, galaxies, clouds, rivers, weather pattern, brains, lungs, turbulence, heartbeats. What do all these natural wonders have in common? They are dynamic systems that can be best explained by fractal geometry. If we look closer at these dynamic systems, we can distinguish two groups: Stable systems (trees, shells, mountains, blood vessels) and Chaotic systems (clouds, turbulent flows).

Recognizing and identifying the transition from stability to chaos and vice versa has always been intellectually and experimentally challenging. The recent contribution of fractal geometry has brought some insight into this phenomenon.

In our presentation we will, briefly, try to describe how « Science » (mainly an analytic approach) and « Art » (mainly an intuitive approach) experience this natural fractal world.

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August 2006

Conference, Sonoma State University

Fractal Syncretism, The Art of François Miglio, and reflexions on arts-informed inquiry

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Toulouse - June 2011

Conference Science University of Paul Sabatier

Science, Fables and Chimera: Strange Encounters 

Lecture by François Miglio in the Museum of Natural History of Toulouse.
Fractal in Myths, Legends and Fables.

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